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We work hard and play harder. We know how to throw a good party; crust us, we’re good at it.

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the stable is one big family

There's a lotta love around here. Love for what we do. Love for what we serve. Love for our customers. And above all, love for each other. It's what gets us through.

Cider and pizza are in our veins, but our Stablehands are our beating heart, making it all work. It's a busy job, with ups and downs, but together we make it fun and we make it happen.

We love ciders that stand out, pizzas that break the rules and people who march to the beat of their own drum. We champion the unique qualities that make us all awesome human beings. We take pride in it all.

Why the stable?

Meet Ellie

What can i achieve at the stable?

Become a StableHand

everyone on our team is a Stablehand. No, you won't be shovelling muck, but you will be mucking in, getting involved with everything that goes on. We live and breathe CIDER, so we'll have to bring you up to speed. Next stop, PIZZA. Forget everything you thought you knew about pizza, because we've broken every rule.

Whats an SMG?

Our Social Media Gurus are our eyes and ears, with their fingers on the pulse of our social media channels. They know what makes our customers tick and keep them coming back.

Become A Chef

If you want to make some dough, we've got the job for you. Literally. Our chefs are star players, making all our sourdough bases fresh daily, preparing our carefully sourced ingredients and pumping it out during service. If you like food, you've found your tribe. We love it.

Become a cider master

Cut us open and we bleed cider. Our Cider Masters are trained professionals on the subject; we've put them through their paces, with rigorous tasting, testing and visits to orchards (tough work). They've emerged as true know-it-alls and we call on them to select for our menus, choose their favourites for our Cider Tasting Boards and host our Cider Experiences. If your cider enthusiasm is on the rise, this is the path for you - onward and upward!

what do our stablehands say?

I love the relaxed atmosphere and casual but uniqueness of the restaurants. I also loved that we were able to be ourselves and not judged for looking a certain way, but In fact our individuality was celebrated!

Eve Stable Hand

I love my job at the stable. From building a team to working on delivering great customer service to doing stocks. Boy do I love a good stock take. I’m a bit OCD about it. I’ve always worked in restaurants and bars . It’s nice to be leading my own team. It’s a fun company to work for and look forward to the future with it.

Rob General Manager

That family feeling 🙂

Rita Stable Supervisor

Supporting the wonderful team that I have.

Chelcea Assistant Manager

Love the pizza, love the people – love the people loving the pizza! Am also partial to hosting little cider tasting session!

Laura Deputy GM

Meeting people! I’ve met so many different types of people through working here. From office workers to tattoo artist to dance teachers. Being so close to the main station in Birmingham means we serve so many interesting people.

Lewis Bar Supervisor

My favourite thing about my job is the people by far. I have a great relationship with my superiors. I also love how down to earth the H/O squad is. Also really nice to know that David knows who I am and takes the time to get to know people on site. Makes me feel like I’m not just another number which is different to other places I have worked

Clare Assistant manager, Social media guru for Birmingham and part of CLIK

I love the freedom you get. Whereas with other companies I have worked for you were restricted with everything and had very little input into what direction you wanted to take your bar in. Luckily with The Stable they recognise the great ideas general managers have and give them the tools and confidence to see it through.

Ben General Manager, Social Media Manager & Christmas Coordinator


Pipster party

Our Stablehands work hard and play harder, and we reward them for it. The cream of the crop are lovingly called 'Pipsters' and our all-star staff deserve all the praise they get. Every year we throw them a party and award a champion. All hail!

Stable Hands
Playing Hard
having worked hard
we always reward them

We aim to make The Stable a fun and rewarding place to work and CLIK helps us make it happen.

Our staff are great

loads of rewards

Staff Loyalty and 20% Discount

The best, most awesome people to work with

Of course, loads of free pizza